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Oben bleiben, immer!

23. Mai 2012 von Dirk Gouder

Neues von Jim Collins.

Im neuen Buch von Jim Collins und Morton T. Hansen „Great by Choice“ beschreiben die beiden Autoren was es aus Führungssicht braucht, um als Unternehmen in ungewissen Zeiten und sich schnell verändernden Umwelten nachhaltig erfolgreich zu sein….

Checklist for 10x Leadership

  • The best leaders were not more risk taking, more visionary, and more creative than the comparisons; they were more disciplined, more empirical, and more paranoid.
  • Innovation by itself is not the trump card in a chaotic and uncertain world; more important is the ability to scale innovation, to blend creativity with discipline.
  • Following the belief that leading in a “fast world” always requires “fast decisions” and “fast action” is a good way to get killed.
  • They always test new ideas by “firing bullets” (doing tests) before “firing canon balls” (taking a big bet on something new), allowing them to know when a need idea will be more likely to succeed
  • 10x leaders prepare ahead of time for what they cannot predict, and build up reserves that act as a buffer. They consistently consider the possibility that events could turn against them at any moment.
  • 10x leaders have the ability to “zoom out” and take a look at the whole issue and the macro environments that affect their world, before “zooming in” and addressing the problem at hand.
  • The great companies changed less in reaction to a radically changing world than the comparison companies.
Hier geht es zum Interview des Forbes Magazines mit Jim Collins zu seinem neuen Buch.